2016 Liquor Bag Presentation B

SADD Liquor Bag Contest Winners have been announced!

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Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

For a limited time, SADD Alberta is offering a free roll of SADD Ribbon to help your school promote awareness about the dangers of impaired driving.

The ribbon comes in a 300 ft roll and is a great resource for your "Tie One On" Campaign!

Cost: FREE$30/ 300' Roll

Request your free roll by clicking "Add to Cart" and entering your shipping information.



posters-what will you drawSADD Poster Contest!
SADD Alberta is currently in the process of judging the submissions for the poster contest.

Winners will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

We also have some great posters available to order for FREE here!

Mike Buckingham

Do most of us really know how impaired driving can affect our life? Michael Buckingham does. Michael’s career as a state trooper with the Washington State Patrol ended when he suffered terrible injuries in a crash caused by impaired driving. Michael has the right to ask each and every one of us to do whatever we can to prevent impaired driving crashes.

  • One Million Liquor Bags!

    One Million Liquor Bags!

  • Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

    Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

  • Poster Contest Update

    Poster Contest Update

  • Mike Buckingham Video Presentation

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