SADD Certificate 3DRecognize Your

SADD Students!

There are hundreds of students across Alberta working hard to eliminate impaired driving.  

Recognize their efforts by presenting them with this customizable Certificate of Appreciation! 

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SADD Activity Wristbands!wristband copy

SADD is encouraging students to “plan ahead” and ensure they have a safe ride home at the end of the night. These wrist bands are great for school dances or safe grads!

By having students write down their plan for a safe ride home BEFORE their activity, our goal is that students will get in the habit of planning ahead and making smart choices.  SADD’s Activity Wristbands are available to your school, free of charge*.

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Grad Banquet Table Cards
The grad tent cards are extremely popular among SADD chapters.  They are generally used during the school's graduation banquet.

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Drug Impaired Driving

One area of particular concern is the prevalence of driving after drug use among new and young drivers.

Driving while impaired by drugs has become comparable in seriousness to alcohol-impaired driving.

For more information and resources on drug impaired driving, click here.

SADD Tray Liners 

Fun trayliners for your school cafeteria trays! Focus on drug impaired driving.

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Puzzle Solutions

  • Recognize Your SADD Students!

    Recognize Your SADD Students!

  • SADD Activity Wristbands!

    SADD Activity Wristbands!

  • **NEW** Grad Banquet Table Cards

    **NEW** Grad Banquet Table Cards

  • Drug Impaired Driving

    Drug Impaired Driving

  • *New* Tray Liner Activity Sheets

    *New* Tray Liner Activity Sheets