Register your SADD Chapter!

Register the SADD Chapter at your school today and your school will receive a FREE SADD Chapter Resource Kit!

Regsitration only takes a minute and we request every Chapter to re-register at the beginning of each school year.


Check out this MAP to see if your school has already registered for the 2017-18 school year.



SADD Member Cards
SADD Alberta is pleased to offer FREE member cards to any members of their registered SADD Chapters.

This is a great way to recognize your students for participating in your Chapter's activities and helping eliminate impaired driving!

Each card is hard plastic and comes customized with each student's name, school and city.

Order yours today!

Click here to order your member cards.


New SADD Chapter Banners!

SADD Alberta is proud to introduce it's new banners available to Chapters!  These are a great way to show your support and increase awareness about the group at your school.

You can receive a FREE banner when you register or re-register a Chapter at your school. 

Banner size is 20" x 36"

Banners can also be ordered through our Promo page.

How To Start A Chapter:

There are no hard and fast rules for starting and maintaining a SADD Chapter. Part of the beauty of SADD is that it is unique to each and every school and community.

To get some tips on getting a Chapter started at your school, click here



  • Register Your SADD Chapter!

    Register Your SADD Chapter!

  • SADD Member Cards

    SADD Member Cards

  • New SADD Banners!

    New SADD Banners!

  • How To Start A SADD Chapter

    How To Start A SADD Chapter