About SADD Alberta:



SADD Alberta is a registered, non-profit, organization that had its beginnings in 1990.

Mission Statement:

To inspire and motivate young people to stand up and eliminate the number one cause of death and injury among youth…drinking and driving!


SADD Alberta is built upon the core philosophy of youth empowering youth. This philosophy is achieved through the dedication of our supporters, conferences, and every individual involved in SADD.  Alberta’s youth build working relations provincially, regionally, and municipally, with unity in mind, so they can stand together in the fight against impaired driving.


At SADD Alberta, our goal is to unite the youth of our province in the stand against impaired driving. Impaired driving is still predominant in today’s society, so by uniting the province’s future, its youth, we wish to eliminate the number one criminal cause of death. SADD Alberta strives to do this through inspiring and motivating the youth of the province, and by assisting them in reaching their individual chapter goals.

It is also a provincial goal of the organization to have at least one chapter per community in our province. With these chapters, we hope to eliminate impaired driving amongst our youth, communities, and provinces.

Attributes of Success:

The success of SADD Alberta may be attributed to many factors. Overall success may be broken down into the individual successes of each chapter. SADD Alberta would not be able to be as successful as they are without the generous support of various donors. For a list of these sponsors, you may refer to the end of this manual, and be directed to the SADD Alberta website. There are also various individuals who contribute immensely to SADD Alberta, and therefore contribute to the overall success of the organization