There are many different ways in which a chapter may recruit new members. Two of the easiest ways are through word of mouth, and by getting your own friends to join. Recruiting new members may require a bit of legwork, but the efforts are all worth it. If the SADD Chapter has established members at the beginning of the school year, your group might want to use them when it is time to register for classes, as they can set up a table and recruit members there. 

Recruiting does not have to be just at the beginning of the year, and can be continuous throughout the school year. If you show fellow students that SADD is both fun, and has a good message, it is more likely that you will gain new members. Here are a few recruitment ideas or tips: 

    • Set up a table outlining what SADD does
    • Host a recruitment drive
    • Have friendly competition between the grades to see who can recruit the most members
    • Recruit at various events your chapter hosts
    • Hold a Recruitment Pizza Party
    • Put up posters and announcements around your school 

These are only a few ways to get new people involved in your chapter. For more ideas, try networking with other chapters on our website via the SADD Chapter Map, the SADD Facebook Group or Twitter (SADD_Alberta)