CYAID Conference:

There has been a great deal of momentum building on the topic of drinking and driving and how to stop the senseless act that causes death and injury to family and friends. The provincial groups who make up the CYAID organization have created a lot of that momentum.

Canadian Youth Against Impaired Driving (CYAID) was formed in 1990 as an effort to unite impaired driving related youth initiatives across Canada. CYAID membership includes SADD Alberta, SADD Saskatchewan, OSAID Ontario, TADD Manitoba and BACCHUS - representing over 25,000 Canadian youth.

Hundreds of thousands of young Canadians have been, and continue to be, affected positively by the work of students who choose to make drinking and driving awareness a priority at their schools. Through organized dances, events, displays and community activities these students have chosen to work toward making their communities safer. CYAID member groups bring together parents, educators, the police, the media and the business community to work together on one cause.

The CYAID National Conference is held in the spring of each year. The conference typically moves from Western to Eastern Canada each year, having been hosted by varying Provinces and Territories in it's history. The CYAID National Conference is a 4-day conference running from Thursday through Sunday.  It is always unique as each host is responsible for all of the plannng for their conference.

There is no other event in Canada where hundreds of Students and Advisors gather from Chapters across all of Canada to network, be inspired, get motivated, be given ideas and direction and learn GREAT leadership skills to assist in the programming within their own schools and communities.

SADD Alberta has been proud to have hosted the CYAID National Conference on 4 occassions and are excited to be hosting CYAID 2016!

The following are the locations of past and currently announced future CYAID National Conferences:

2018 TBA
2017 Edmonton, Alberta (April 6 - 9)
2016 Calgary, Alberta (April 7 - 10)
2015 Frederickton, New Brunswick
2014 Regina, Saskatchewan 
2013 Oakville, Ontario (Conference Link)
2012 Edmonton, Alberta
2011 Oakville, Ontario
2010 Regina, Saskatchewan
2009 P.E.I
2008 Fredericton, New Brunswick
2007 Edmonton, Alberta
2006 Oakville, Ontario
2005 Edmonton, Alberta
2004 Toronto, Ontario
2003 Regina, Saskatchewan
2002 Toronto, Ontario
2001 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
2000 Edmonton, Alberta
1999 Ottawa, Ontario
1998 Winnipeg, Manitoba
1997 Kamloops, British Columbia
1996 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1995 Fredericton, New Brunswick
1994 Calgary, Alberta
1993 Toronto, Ontario
1992 Winnipeg, Manitoba
1991 Regina, Saskatchewan