This is a list of speakers who have previously presented at various SADD Alberta events. We provide this list as a courtesy to our SADD  Chapters who may be interested in booking speakers at their individual schools.


Taking Leadership to New Heights!

In the spring of 2008, Alan, along with his father, mother, brother, and sister, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. To attempt to climb to the highest point on earth, the summit of Mt. Everest. Along their journey they encountered many different challenges and perils but they were able to overcome these challenges through proper planning, trust in each other's abilities and looking out for one another.

Barrie, ON



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Start an Attitude Revolution

In 1981, Alvin Law quit a job as a radio disc jockey to become a disability advocate.

He was extremely motivated to use his life story as an example of how much the world needed to change its view of disabled people, and today, look how far we have come.

Alvin brings 35 years of experience in leadership, advocacy and professional speaking to every group he addresses. He has also spoken to over 1.5 million teenagers on five continents and excels at speaking to youth groups. His story is more than just about having no arms, it's a living reminder of the value all of us possess and should never take for granted.

Calgary, AB




The Impact of One Decision

Amanda is an engaging speaker on impaired driving, traffic safety and making smart decisions in life.

Drawing from her 15 year career in law enforcement and an immense personal tragedy in her own life - the loss of her Father to a 19 year old impaired driver in a stolen vehicle - her presentations are powerful, impactful and leave the audience with just one question: "What are you willing to lose?"

Described as attitude changing and life altering by several schools, students, businesses and organizations, Amanda's presentation focuses on the risks and consequences associated with impaired driving and making the wrong decisions in life.

Grande Prairie, AB