SADD Alberta Speaker Bureau


Alan Mallory

Taking Leadership To New Heights


Barrie, Ontario

In the spring of 2008, Alan, along with his father, mother, brother, and sister, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. To attempt to climb to the highest point on earth, the summit of Mt. Everest.


Along their journey they encountered many different challenges and perils but they were able to overcome these challenges through proper planning, trust in each other's abilities and looking out for one another.


Alvin Law

Start an Attitude Revolution


Calgary, Alberta

In 1981, Alvin Law quit a job as a radio disc jockey to become a disability advocate.


He was extremely motivated to use his life story as an example of how much the world needed to change its view of disabled people, and today, look how far we have come.


Alvin brings 35 years of experience in leadership, advocacy and professional speaking to every group he addresses. He has also spoken to over 1.5 million teenagers on five continents and excels at speaking to youth groups. His story is more than just about having no arms, it's a living reminder of the value all of us possess and should never take for granted.


Amanda Stuhl-Oling

The Impact of One Decision


Grande Prairie, Alberta

Amanda is an engaging speaker on impaired driving, traffic safety and making smart decisions in life.


Drawing from her 15 year career in law enforcement and an immense personal tragedy in her own life - the loss of her Father to a 19 year old impaired driver in a stolen vehicle - her presentations are powerful, impactful and leave the audience with just one question: "What are you willing to lose?"


Described as attitude changing and life altering by several schools, students, businesses and organizations, Amanda's presentation focuses on the risks and consequences associated with impaired driving and making the wrong decisions in life.


Cheryl Dupuis

Danae's Story


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This reality-based presentation is a tribute to the life and death of Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis. At sixteen, Danae was the front seat passenger killed in an impaired driving collision.


As her Mother shares the story of Danae’s life and tragic death, you briefly get to know Danae and also the devastating loss by her choice and her death.


Corey Johnson

Turning Disabilities Into Possibilities


Strathmore, Alberta

Born with Cerebral Palsy, as well as suffering a stroke at the age of 11, Corey Johnson is not deterred from living life to the fullest.


He uses his life experiences; inspiration and education to overcome the barriers that others attempt to impose on him. He encourages his audiences to see new possibilities within themselves and others.


With his own perception on life, he’ll challenge you to remove some of your barriers.


David Blake

Stay in the Moment

Contact through SADD Alberta

Calgary, Alberta


As a speaker for the P.A.R.T.Y. Program in Calgary for several years, David is well versed at speaking to school audiences.


This father of eight will share the story of his son Jeremy. David’s presentation will have youth thinking about making the best choices for themselves and the ones they care about.


Dennis Mitchell

Yes You Can Succeed


Washington, DC - USA

As you are driving down the highway of your life, there will always be detours, ruts in the road, 18 wheelers, blind spots, road rages and the list goes on and on.


By becoming more aware of the hidden dangers and practicing an ounce of prevention, you will increase your chances or arriving your destination.


Duane (D.O.) Gibson

Stay Driven


Toronto, Ontario

Duane Gibson, aka DO, is a Guinness World Record setting rapper and University graduate that has been inspiring students as a motivational speaker since 2001.


He's visited hundreds of schools, toured Canada multiple times and had several videos in rotation on MuchMusic. In the last year he has performed globally with stops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London England, New York City, Miami and Las Vegas.


Dwayne Peace

Life Synergy for Youth


Calgary, Alberta

Dwayne Peace is a retired 25–year member of the Calgary Police Service, where he spent the last seven years of his career as a School Resource Officer (SRO).


Dwayne has a special talent for working with youth, and a passion for helping to make a difference in their lives. He offers a variety of programs for youth, teachers and parents.


Greg Drew

Jammin’ for Jay


Langley, British Columbia

Retired veteran firefighter Greg Drew has seen more than his share of roadside carnage during his decades of public service.


As a fire fighter, he has often faced the grim task of attending and assisting in situations involving serious bodily injury and trauma. Despite his many years of experience, nothing could have fully prepared him for the sight of witnessing his own son, Jay, trapped inside a car after a high speed crash.


Hayden Bell

Contact through SADD Alberta


Calgary, Alberta

Hayden was a natural athlete with potential to play in the CFL but after a near-fatal crash in September 2010, his life took a turn. The crash resulted in a multitude of injuries that Hayden survived but he also sustained a severe brain injury.


Hayden is now 26 and is attending university with plans for a bright future. He loves to encourage people to be all that they can be. Hayden shares his story in the hopes of making a positive difference.


Heather Charlton

U Decide


Vancouver, British Columbia

Heather’s story emphasizes how seemingly small choices can lead to tragic, long-lasting, and unforeseen consequences.


Her humble, poignant, yet frank presentation discusses the realities of being a teenager and underscores how her choices as an adolescent led to impaired driving, speeding, and a car crash that resulted in the death of her best friend.


Ian Tyson

Positively Speaking


Toronto, Ontario

Ian's high-octane presentation is sure to keep your school audience in stitches and leave them with words and thoughts to live by. This show is the epitome of "Comedy with a Message", and has been both entertaining and thought provoking for students of all ages for years.


His presentations take your audience on a hilarious journey from childhood to high school and beyond, with observational humor and life lessons along the way. Through his anecdotal tales, the audience will meet the colorful characters that have inspired Ian throughout his life.


Kevin Brooks

Just Wiggle Your Toes


Vancouver, British Columbia

Kevin's story highlights the potential for life to change as a result of just one bad choice.


At the age of 21 he chose to drive drunk and fast, resulting in a serious car crash which left him paralyzed from the chest down and his life forever changed. His story is an emotional rollercoaster that will make audiences laugh, cry and think twice about their own life choices and mortality. His message is both sobering and empowering.


Mark Shyluk

Contact through SADD Alberta



A presentation on loss, love and building a future on experience Mark will be telling his Aunt Linda's story about a truly remarkable lady who always put the world and its people first.


Mark appeared on Undercover Boss Canada in 2012 when employed by Molson Coors. The show and the folks at Arrive Alive have helped him become a voice for families who have lost a loved one as the result of drinking and driving.


Matt Evans

Matt John Evans


Toronto, Ontario

As the former Executive Director of Ontario Students Against Drinking and Driving (OSAID), Matt brings his exceptional program to schools to take them through the comical and confusing world of meeting challenges.


Matt is an educator and an actor who has worked with youth programs across Canada. He has been in many movies and TV shows and has won four Best Actor Awards from the Western Ontario Drama League.


He has traveled to every province in Canada, much of the United States, India, Portugal, France, the UK, Venezuela, Amsterdam Iceland, and Three Hills Alberta!


Michelle Golebiowski

Road Safety Speaker & Advocate


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michelle Golebiowski's often-unique combination of creativity, education and experience bring a strong voice to her passion for safety.


Michelle became a vocal proponent for safety while working as Project Co-ordinator of Safety for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, working closely with Downtown Watch Ambassadors & Volunteers. Building on her experience with BIZ, Michelle is best known for her public speaking and advocacy work, specializing in road safety presentations about impaired and distracted driving.


Natasha Urkow

Natasha’s Video


Regina, Saskatchewan

In October 2008 at the age of 18, Natasha and was involved in a drinking and driving accident that left her a quadriplegic.


Natasha moved to Regina in 2011 to attend First Steps Wellness Center - a rehabilitation facility for spinal cord injury. She was approached about speaking at schools and has since worked closely with both the Regina Police Service and Regina Fire Department.


For bookings, contact Tricia Townsend, Regina Fire and Protective Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parker Thompson

Drive To Stay Alive


Red Deer, Alberta

Born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta – Parker got behind the wheel of his first kart at the age of 8. At 12, he was the first ever North American to make it to the podium as a Junior at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portugal, thus ranking 3rd in the world! At 14, Parker moved to Italy so he could race in Europe full time. This move helped him toward his dream of becoming a professional race car driver.


Now at age 18, Parker has jumped to racing formula cars. Having tremendous success in recent championship races, Parker is set to have his eye on the podium again – in the USF2000.


Parker is also in his second year of running his Drive to Stay Alive campaign, aimed to educate students on the dangers of distracted driving.


Renaye Wade

RADD – Renaye Against Distracted Driving

Mundare, Alberta


In 2012, Renaye was a passenger in a stalled vehicle that was hit by a distracted driver.


Suffering life altering injuries, Renaye now works toward educating youth about the dangers of distracted driving and also to change legislation. Her story was shared with the Alberta Legislature and shortly after, Bill 204, raising the fine and demerits for Distracted Driving, received a unanimous vote.


Shayne Stoll

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Balcarres, Saskatchewan

Shayne grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan. In his Grade 12 year, Shayne's best friend was left in a permanent coma due to a drinking and driving crash. He remembers him with humour and warmth, showing us why friends are the most important reason not to drink and drive.


He will empower students to make the right choices and to stick their neck out for their friends.


Sunjay Nath

Human Performance Engineer


Toronto, Ontario


An engaging speaker, a gifted author, and an accomplished entrepreneur, Sunjay Nath also holds a degree in Mathematical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.


Since he was 19, Sunjay has delivered inspiring, humorous, and energetic presentations. Filled with real-life experiences that keep his audiences motivated and captivated to the message.


Tana Diebert

The Van de Vorst Family

Contact through SADD Alberta


Goodsoil, Saskatchewan


Tana’s life, and the lives of many, forever changed on the morning of Sunday, January 3, 2016.


The Van de Vorst family, her sister’s family of four, were killed by an impaired driver. Her honed skills as a teacher naturally lead to educating others about this senseless and preventable tragedy caused by impaired driving. Tana has creatively compiled a powerful 1.5hr presentation regarding the Van de Vorst family tragedy.


Yvonne Clark and Sharon Schubert

Nope to Dope

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calgary, Alberta

Yvonne Clark and Sharon Schubert are two moms who have joined together, after both experiencing the tragic loss of their sons due to a drug overdoses.


They join with strength and courage to share their heartfelt stories.