Each chapter must have at least one adult advisor, who acts as a meeting facilitator, or a general go to person if the chapter members have inquiries. Since SADD Alberta is a student-based organization, we believe the students should have the greatest roles. Although the students make up the chapters, success may not be achievable without the assistance of the staff advisors. This means that the advisors are also an integral part to the success of each chapter. 

Staff advisors act as facilitators, mentors, as well as leaders. They are in place to guide the chapters and to act as an addition resource of information. The advisors keep the group in focus, and make sure they don’t sway far from the group’s goals. The staff advisor must be someone who the students like, and respect, as this will form a good working relation amongst the group.

The staff advisor must also be dedicated to both the organization, and the students. The students must also be able to see the commitment from their advisors, as the advisors are the ones who set the example. Advisors also have a huge impact on the success of recruitment, and retention. The advisors also act as liaisons between community members and the members of the individual group



Without students, SADD Chapters would not be possible. These students, mainly high school, are from across the province, and are what makes up the base of the organization. There are many different roles for the students to be apart of in their chapters. Most chapters form an Executive consisting of the following positions: President, Vice-President, Activities Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, and grade Representatives. Some schools may choose to have these positions, or ones that slightly vary. Other chapters have chosen not to form an executive, so that all members are viewed as equals in their group.

Being on the Chapters Executive does not make a person elite, and that is a point the Advisors should stress. The Executive positions are typically voted on, in election/campaign style. Once again, it is up to the chapter to decide how the Executive is chosen. In conjunction with the Executive positions, are the members of the SADD group. These members are extremely important to the functioning and success of each SADD Chapter. The following gives a breakdown in descriptions for each of the Executive positions:


President: The Presidents key responsibility is to ensure the group is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. He or she also acts as the go-between for the group and the groups Staff Advisor. The President is also responsible for acting as the head at any meetings the SADD Chapter hosts, and is also responsible for making sure the Executive carries out their outlined duties. The President may also act as a spokesperson for their SADD Chapter. He or she is also non-voting member, unless a vote is needed to break a tie.


Vice-President: The Vice-President may be assigned duties such as overseeing the production of the group. He or she also coordinates with the President to assign duties to the varying members of the group. The Vice-President is also responsible for recruiting members to their chapter, as well as marketing their chapter. In the event that the President is not available at an event, or to run a meeting, the Vice-President will step into that position for the time being.


Activities Coordinator: The Activities Coordinator is responsible for planning activities, as well as coming up with these events. This does not mean that the Coordinator should be doing everything. He or she should take input from all members of the group, as well as seeking out assistance in the coordination of events. The AC should be a very motivated person, with the ability to motivate others to help out with the activities. He or she shall also seek out ways to reach a broad audience, and get support from as many people as possible.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all funds coming and going in the Chapter. This person should coordinate with either the Staff Advisor, or the schools Business Office to hold an account of all funds. The Treasurer may also be required to produce reports showing all transactions made by the group. He or she is also responsible for paying any outstanding bills for the SADD Chapter.


Secretary: The Secretaries main responsibility is to take minutes at each of the meetings. They may also keep a log of all minutes accumulated over the course of the school year. The Secretary also keeps a log of all the happenings of the SADD Chapter throughout the year.


Grade Representatives: The grade Representatives are responsible for communicating with their grade level. They are also responsible for coordinating events, and holding recruitment activities for their grade.


Provincial Organization:

The Provincial organization of SADD is also structured with various positions. SADD Alberta has a board of directors, as well as a team of volunteers who help in all aspects of the organization. Each person has a specific task or role that he or she looks after. For a complete list of these positions, please visit contact us.