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SADD School Activities

Below is a collection of some easy to-do activities and projects which can be coordinated by students at their own school.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Order SADD Starter Kit

Cost: Free

Need some help getting the word out about SADD at your school?  No problem! Request a free starter kit to get your SADD group noticed!

Virtual Speaker Series

Cost: FREE

SADD has a number of speakers who are available to share their stories and experiences about impaired driving and distracted driving.

SADD Student Cards

Cost: FREE

SADD Student Cards are a great way to recognize students at your school who are putting in the time to help raise awareness about impaired driving!

Contract for Life

The Contract for Life is a simple activity students, teachers, and parents can do to start a discussion about impaired driving and some of the dangers!

White Out Day


Every day, someone in Canada loses their life to an impaired driver.  Bring this point with the White Out Day Activity at your school.

"Tie One On" Ribbon Campaign


Help show your support for ending impaired driving by attaching a SADD ribbon to your vehicle. Great school project that's easy to do!

SADD Poster Project

This is an open call for students to submit their poster ideas to SADD! If selected, their design will be printed and distributed to all high schools in Alberta!

Local Liquor Bag Project

Great Community Activity

Connect with your local liquor stores, parents and community to help share the message about the dangers of drinking and driving!

YouTube Video PSA Contest

Student Contest. Great Prizes!

Contest details coming soon! Stay tuned!

SADD Student Activities

Promote Safe Driving at your School with SADD Activities

Whether it's distracted driving, drugged driving, or drinking and driving, we can all make our roads safer by making smart choices.  Help promote this change at your school today!